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A tall slender man steps out of the helicopter and serveys the area with his eyes. The look on the mans face was that of a professional. He could spot anything unordinary with his bare eyes. His name was Janus McFay, but to those who knew him best he went by the name of Scar. He walked across a long platform to the place he had been summoned to, all around him survey crews worked digging up ruble and moving through trash. It has been 110 years since anybody steped foot on this ground, since the end of the third world war. You see a malfunction in a U.S. missle silo caused the troops to evacuate the area fearing the bio war head may be leaking. Now the time has passed that the area is safe to inhabit once again. "Sir i'm glad you could finally make it out here" says a big burly guy breaking Janus's concentration. "It was the best I could do to get here this soon, this better be important" growls Janus. "I think you will find this more of interest than importance sir" says the burly guy, "by the way the names Aero, I'm the lead contractor of this site". "So what have you found that you think would Interest me so much" questions Janus. "Step right this way sir and I will give you all the deatails"

The year is 3015 and the wars between the Transformers have been long since forgotten, becoming more myth than fact. What become of the heroic giants from long ago?? Do they still exist?? Does Cybertron still exist?? Now as a new era dawns the mystery of the Transformers begins to unfold....

The Transformers "City Of Fortune" Part 1

Written By: Jake Hendrix

RE-Edited By : PRIMAL
Editors Note: The Transformers 3015 "City of Fortune #1-#7 are syndicated issues aquired from another site and have been re-edited to fit our style. Transaction Ltd. aquired this story in an agreement with another failing site that has given up. All future issues will be written by Transactions Ltd. Jake Hendrix is NOT a member of the Transactions team.

The two men walk down a long slender coridor into a semi trailer that had been made into a small office. Janus surveyed all of the equipment in this small but adiquit room. Aero walks over to a holovid and swiches it on to show a geographical map of the surrounding area. "Now, this grid here is where we are" says Aero pointing to a small grid. "This grid here begins nothing but desert and volcanos, or so we thought" "Get to the point"growls Janus sitting on a small office chair. "The point is that 2 days ago we sent out a team to check out what else might be out there, and they came back with something extrordinary." Just then Aero pushes another button and the map begins to rotate and zoom in on another grid, wich if Janus's maping skills were correct was about 12 miles due south of where they now sit. "This grid here is what we have code named sector A-42 and this is where the men came across their findings" explains Aero. "Wich was?" asked Janus with the building anxiety now present in his face. "A totaly automated titanium alloy city, that has been sitting dormant hidden within the confines if a hollow inactive volcano" Just then Janus rises from his seat with a huge grin on his face. "Take me to this city...I want to see it for myself". "Right away sir, but we will have to take a landspeeder, with the rocky terain there will be no place for your copter to land" "Very well then, but let us go at once!" "Yes sir!"


As the landspeeder hovers along at imense speeds Janus surveys the area closely, as if maping it with his brain. Then he finnaly turns to Aero to speak. "What research have you done on the city so far?" "Not much, we have been afraid to go near it, but i did look into its background." "And...?" questions Janus "My first thought was that maybe the Rebel Alliance had built it as a weapon against the U.S. army, but upon researching the subject i found that titanium alloy has not been in exsistence since the late 21st century since the goverment used all of it up on thier space shuttles" "Then I researched the old U.S. goverment records...and still nothing like it." explains Aero. "Yes but that dosen't say much, with the fall of the U.S. at the dawn of the 22nd century most records were destroyed or lost" says Janus. "That thought has crossed my mind as well sir, so i decided to contact you for advice." "You did good" "Thank you sir" As the landspeeder aproaches the volcano the two become quite once again. Then suddenly as the aproach a hill te top of the volacano begins to come in to view like the sun rising for a new day. Janus's smile widens as they draw closer. Aero begins to think he is seeing a change in the old bounty hunter...a change he does not like.


Janus steps into the dark room with his flashlight in hand, once again surveying with that look, like he is trying to remember every little detail of everything he sees. "Up ahead the volcano is naturally lit up by the sun shining through the top" says Aero. "Good, I was hoping we wouldn't have to use the flashlight the whole way" Janus continued to walk forward not saying another word untill he finally reached the center of the volcano. There, resting in the center of the room was indeed a huge, yet small city. It looked as if it had been created for much larger beings than humans. Janus surveyed the city for a long while before steping forward. He walked around the giant wheels atached to the bottom of the city and through a little tunnel until he came out in front of a huge ramp. As he glanced up the ramp he saw a large door...and on that door something that sent a rush over him like a ten ton brick hitting him over the head. It was like a strong sense of deja'vu hitting him so hard it knocked him to the ground. Janus fell to his knees screaming...almost as in horror at what he had seen on the door. Aero, hearing the screams runs to the aid of the fallen man. As he apraoches he screams to Janus "Whats wrong...are you hurt...what happened?" but Janus only screams pointing on the picture on the door. Then Aero looks up to see a large red face on the door, almost a robotic face. Then the screaming stops. As Aero turns he sees Janus lying on the floor...unconsious...


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What was the red face that Janus had seen on the door and why did he react as he did? What is Aero going to do about his situation? Will they venture further into the city? Find out in City of Fortune #2!! Next issue posted.

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