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We here at Transactions are here for one reason. To help take some of the cost out of an already expensive hobby, and if you have been a Transfan for very long you know what I mean. Most classified ad services today want you to subscribe before you can list anything, some want you to subscribe just to look at the ads, but at Transfictions you can browse for free and list simply by registering, and it is TOTALY FREE. To list on e-bay is cheap, usually $1.00 (unless you get a lot of extras) but you often get stuck selling your item for far below value, and it sometimes is not even worth the effort unless you have a really hot item, and then they take thier chunk for seeling it for you, sometimes as much as 10-20%. The last alternative is the newsgroups, but amongst the thousands of other posts thier is no gaurantee that anybody is going to see it, much less respond to it!! Even newsgroups made for selling and trading are bogged down with personal chatter and mindless postings.

But, Transactions hopes to solve this problem. There are no fees what so ever for posting. We don't charge you anything for selling it, in fact we are not involved in that area at all. We simply list the item and the rest is handled by you and your potential buyer. The way we see it is this: This Web Page was created with a word Processor, one that came with my computer, The Server space is provided free of charge thanks to Tripod, and my staff are doing thier jobs for nothing more than thier love of the hoby. So why charge you when this is costing us nothing?? A lot of people do this for nothing other than profit. We are doing this because we think that this hoby is expensive enough without all the other costs tacked on the end. Now if someone would come up with a way to ship them for free.....



The only thing we ask of you is to register before listing. The reason? Security for our users. Say you buy an item for $200, send the cash, then never get your item. With our registration system we can help you get your money or your item. This way we have the info you need if you ever get ripped off. We also keep track of IP numbers as people visit our site so they can be traced back to thier ISP.


We use e-mail registration for registering, posting, and handing out ID numbers for added security. This way all personal information you give us is stored on our personal hard drive in an encrypted file, not on our web server in a database just waiting for a hacker to crack in and take it. This ads security for our users and makes our site a safer place to do business. Sure it is slower, as you have to wait for a human to respond to your registration but firewalls cost money, a cost we would have to pass on to you, and encrypting the info on our server is not always effective as there are always hackers out there that know how to get to it. To have online posting we would have to have your personel info on our webserver that way when you posted it could match your ID number against that one assigned to you. Thus e-mail posting as well.


None of your personel info has to be Visable when you post something. You have this option when registering. The only thing that has to be visable is your e-mail and name OR nickname. You are not required to choose a nickname when registering, but you will have to have one if you don't want your real name visable, because we need some way to ID you on your posts other than your e-mail address and ID Number


Every service we offer now, and in the future is and always will be free.


List your post and leave the rest to us. We will maintain your post for you, and if you have listed a want ad we will e-mail mail if your wanted item goes up for sale or trade. Your Post will remain on our server for up to 90 days, and after that period you can re-post once again at no charge. If you are offering a service for people (i.e. making and selling episodes) on a regular basis you can even choose to list it as a permanent post that will never be removed, unless of course you stop providing this service.

These are just a few of the features we have in efect now. We still have more to come!!!

We are dedicated to being the Best Transformers trading post on the web!!!

If you have any ideas or just need more info contact us, we will be glad to help!!!