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ISSUE 2 Vol. 1

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Hello Transfans and welocme to the new Words From the Ark Section, Here the Webmaster (ME) will post whats happening here at Transactions. If you are subscribed to our mailing list, then there is no need to read any further because you should have this in your e-mail. If not then read on.


Dialing Cybertron. . .

Verifying User Name and Password. . .

Logging on to Network. . .

Hello Transfans,

Welcome Transfans to the latest edition of Words from the Ark. We have made a few more changes to the site since last time, hopefully this will be the last to the main page for a while. Although I have had no complaints yet, it just seems to load slow for me, so I changed it. The latest Updates include:

We also have gotten Rebirth #2 posted as of today. We are currently working on designs to overhaul the Transfiction section to make it easier to navigate and more visually appealing. We have also had a few request for paper copies of the stories, if we get enough requests we may do that and charge for the S&H only. We have ran a few designs for the paper copies, wich will include Fan Art, Illustrations, and will be full color. If you are interested contact us!! We are also working on a Text only version of the site, but we have so many other projects going that that one has been pushed on the back burner a bit.

A while back we posted, as a joke a Drivers License for Megatron. Well it seems word has spread about these, and I have had a few requests for them, so now you can download the Megatron Drivers License on the download page. This is a worked over version from the one I posted before. This one apears much more like a real Drivers License over the other that was quickly put together. I also have made one for Rodimus Prime wich I will have up soon

Another request from fans is T Shirts featuring the Rebirth Logo and other such merchandise. Once again, if the demand becomes high enough we may do this featuring custom Rebith Carachters and Beats Wars as well as the 80's TF's If this comes about we will also use Credit Card ordering so that you may order on-line.

Thats about all the news for now, so untill next time,

"Till all are one.."

Webmaster and President Transactions LTD.

E-mail me at or ICQ me