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Welcome to the new Transmissions Section. This is a live chat room where you can chat with your friends or meet new people. You must have a Java Enabled Browser to be able to use this chat room. PLEASE NOTE that this is not a moderated chat room. Although the topic is suposed to be Transformers chatters are free to talk about whatever they wish, and sometime this may lead to vulgar comments, obscene words, or inapropriate conversations. If you are sensitive to this type of material or just do not like it then you should be aware that there is no one watching the room at all times to make sure that the conversations do not turn nasty. If you attend this chat room and experience a conversation that offended you in any way, or the topic was one that should not have been discused then you may write to me with the day and time that you were on, the users name, and a brief summary of the conversation. I will not however repremand someone for using fowl language or other such matters. Topics I deem inapropriate include: Child Pornographry, Racism, Devil Worshiping, and other such matters.

When you log in for the first time your name will be AnonymusXX (XX being a number i.e.67). To change this simply type your prefered name in the box and click change.

Begin Cahting