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In the best interest of our staff, none of us has listed a personal e-mail address. All staff members can be contacted at If you want to contact a member directly or have a personal matter with a member put thier name as the subject and no other member will read it other than that person.

Chris Faulkner
Founder, President and Webmaster of Transactions. Editor for Transfiction
Nickname: Primal

Christie Faulkner
Assistant Webmaster, Art Editor
Nickname: Rcee

Mike Henly
Vice President of Transactions
Nickname: Starscream

James Hendicks
Art Director for Transactions
Nickname: Runamuck

Ricky Lerma
Editor for Transactions
Nickname: Quickstrike

Chad Green
Software Consultant, Editor
Nickname: Wheeljack

Nathan Garvey
Writer for Transfiction
Nickname: Kup

The Staff of Transaction would like to thank Greg Gaub for the TF Logo Slide show on the main page, the small "spinner" logo on the Rebirth story, and the large spinner logo on our newsgroup. You can check out his site and see what else he has to offer at:

We would also like to thank the Crew at Club TF for giving us the 3015 story.

For info on joining our staff e-mail us