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All downloads require Win95/98 and Some require 486+ and/or 256+ colors.

All files are zipped with PK ZIP.

We have a few request to put up the two G.I. Joe games. Since they are so closely related to TF's I will gladly do so if there is enough people that want it so let me know what you think at ir ICQ me.

I have personally downloaded ALL these files my self to insure they work properly however, if you should have any problems the contact me by one of the methods above. : The Transformers font Important to viewing our site!! If you do not have it all Transactions headers will appear as [TRANSACTIONS]. They should actually appear as Transformers style fonts with an Autobot/Decepticon insignia in the place of the [ and ].

HTML 4.0 Refrence Companion: This book in Windows Help format will help you out in your web page design. a must for beginners!!

Now in it's final form, it has been revised once more. This finale version looks NOTHING like the thimbnail. I will try to get an updated thumbnail up soon!!
(140kb 143,470 bytes) This is a Japanese Comercial for the First Transformer Game Featuring Ultra Magnus.

GAMES The Japenese Famicon Game that features Ultra Magnus that can Transform into truck or robot. This one is extremely hard!!! This is the Japenese Transformers Headmasters Game for the Famicom Disk System that features Chromedome(although it looks lik Hotrod). You an not Transform at will on this one but you can pick up other TF's to change in to!!

EMULATORS This Emulator will run the first TF Game, But NOT the Headmasters game. If the other Emulator will not run the first game then come back and download this one. I also have a ton of other games for this one. This Emulator will run very smoothly on a 486 but some games get a better boost from a Pentium. This is the Emulator you need to play the Headmasters Game, I THINK it will run the first one to, but I havn't checked yet. You will also need to download to play disk system games. (Wich means you will need it for the Headmasters game) This Emulator Requires at least a Pentium 90 but I have found that it will run on a high end 486 (I tested it on a 486/DX2 at 133 mhz) : The TF Desktop theme has sound schemes, icons, and more to show your a true Transfan. Also includes the Transformers Font. : Cool Icons of almost every Autobot and a few Decepticons.


We still have more downloads to come!!