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This is an example of basic grading when it comes to rating figures and collectibles. But keep in mind that this is only a basic representation to aid you in grading or buying figures and while all people use the same system some people may be stricter than others on thier grading, or they may be more leinient. For example one person may require it to be a Case Fresh figure to be a C-10, on the other hand another person may say his figure with no accesories is a C-9. With this in mind be sure to make sure that you know what your buying before making an offer. This guide is ONLY here to give you an idea of what the numbers mean and Registered users are not required to follow this system so do not make an offer on a C-9 figure expecting to be exactly as described by this guide. Please make sure you are well informed on the merchandise BEFORE you buy, because while misrepresenting a figure is good reason to list a person as a bad seller, we dont want to list someone who is the victim of a simple misunderstanding. If you feel that the information provided in the ad does not describe the item to your satisfaction then e-mail the other party and ask them more questions, or some members may have an ICQ number, Phone number, or other means of contact other than thier e-mail. This info would be listed in thier user profile, but members have a right to have thier profile withheld. Users with thier profile available will have a picture of sunglasses next to thier nickname on the ad.

C-10.0: Mint Figure in a Mint Sealed Box or Card. Box must be sealed with VERY VERY minor to no damage

C-9: Mint Figure, MIB or Loose, Boxes may be damaged. Loose figures in mint condition with all accessories.

C-8: Mint figure all stickers intact with no wear, complete with all accessories.

C-7: Near Mint Figure: Slight sitcker wear, no major damage to figure, figure may be missing guns, missles etc. but must have important accessories like fists, removable heads, or other parts vital to the transformation of the toy.

C-6: Near Mint Figure minor-medium sticker wear may be missing most accessories. May have small, barely noticable stress marks.

C-5: Fine Figure Major sticker wear, may have small stickers missing may have small broken pieces that are not vital to operation (i.e. an ear) and do not majorly disfigure the item may have medium Stress marks.

C-4: Fine Figure Major sticker wear, may have most stickers missing, may have medium pieces broken off, may have large near breaking stress marks.

C-3: Good Figure may or may not have any stickers, might have large pieces broken off, may have missing or glued/repaired parts.

C-2: Ok Figure, May or may not not have any stickers May have large vital pieces broken off. Might be missing vital pieces (i.e. Heads, Arms, Legs Etc.) but may still be good for parts.

C-1: Junk Figure Severely broken beyond repair or recognition. But may still be good for parts.

For more information on grading or to dispute this guide e-mail