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  1. ONLY Registered users of Transactions may send thier post through ICQ

  2. Posts recieved by unregistered users will not be posted!!

  3. If you intend to send your post through ICQ then please be sure you give me your ID number with your post so I will know who sent it! Even though your name and e-mail will be included with the post it makes things much easier for me if I have your ID# to!!

  4. Do not ICQ me to inform me you have e-mailed a post. I check my e-mail several times on a daily basis so your post will be up once I recieve it. No post will take more that 24 hours unless I am out of town or something, and If this is the case I will let you know.

  5. You can ICQ me if you just want to chat, that is fine, I am never to busy to chat with members or potential members to my site, newsgroup, or discussion group.

  6. Be sure to include ALL the information you want to appear on your post. If you need help check the e-mail form to see what needs to be included. If your post is to long for one ICQ message you can send multiple messages and I will put them together.

  7. If you have pictures you want to include that you want ME to post, then please use the e-mail form.

Thanks for taking the time to read and abide by these rules.