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Do you offer a continuing service for fellow Transfans through a web site or other means? For example, do you copy episodes and sell them? Make custom Transformer Graphics? If so, and you do not plan to stop any time soon then you can add a PermaPost ad to the classified ad section. A PermaPost ad will never be taken down or removed until you ask for it, and it will always be at the top of the list!! The only thing we ask in return for putting up a PermaPost ad is that you put a link back to our site from yours!!! BUT the ad must be for a service. You can not put up a PermaPost ad simply stating you are a collector and will buy trade or sell and your ad must state a specific service!! For instance, if you offer Transformers T-Shirts, you can put up an add saying that You make TF T_Shirts for $x.xx, come to for info. You can not put up an ad simply saying come by my Transformers site. If you do this it will only be posted for the regular time(30,60 or 90 days). You may not post an item for sale or trade as a PermaPost either.

If you are enterested in the PermaPost Program then Answer Yes on your Post Form.