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OREGON, JUNE 22, 2004


He sits, lurking in the darkness, waiting for his prey with the concentration of a kitten watching a fish aquarium. He has been sitting here for hours, watching, waiting. Then suddenly out of the bushes it apears. A large deer ripe for the taking. Perfect he thinks to himself as he watches the deer walk across the pasture to the bait. He surveys the scene waiting for the perfect time to strike. Finaly the deer realizes the bait is not what it seemed, only a clever ploy to trick him in to coming in range. He watches as the deer walks away, back the way he came...then suddenly he lunges out of the darkness chasing th deer with the speed of a lightning bolt. He jumps at the deer landing square in the middle of its back, then he quickly wraps his steel jaws around the deers neck and pierces his skin, releasing the blood from the deers viens. He then backs off as the deer falls to the ground slowly dying from the loss of blood. He takes great pleasure in watching it slowy slip away. Then finally as the deer breathes his last, he feasts, gourging down the meal as if it where his first in weeks. As he finishes his meal he glances up to see a helicopter flying over head. Fleshlings he growls to himself, after deciding that the copter was not an Autobot spy. No Autobot would dare to set foot on his land, he knows this land better than anybody, anything. Not even his fellow comrades dare to cross him on his land, for he is cold, heartless, a master of darkness, he is RAVAGE....

The Transformers Universe Featuring: Ravage

Eye of the tiger #1 of a 3 part series

Written By: Mike Hamlin

Edited By: Chris Faulkner

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He enters his den after a long day of hunting, ready to relax, unwind, and hopfully find Ratbat lingering around as he sometimes does...but tonight he was absent, he thought that kind of odd, Ratbat was Ravages most loyal companion, he was always around about nightfall to plan and scheme what they were going to do next. Then as he surveyd the room he noticed something even more odd...two little slivers of steel laying on the floor. He walked closer to the glimmer to see what they were...he looked closely at the metal spikes wondering what they could be...then suddenly it hit him....Ratbats fangs!!! What on earth could they be doing here?? Then suddenly he head a noise outside. He ran out the door only to run smack in to....Sandstorm and two humans. So he thought to himself...that heicopter wasnt fleshling after all. And with that Ravage lunged at Sandstorm grabing his arm and biting down as hard as he could. Sandstorm shakes his arm violently trying to make him release his steel clamps from his arm to no avail. Then without warning one of the humans....Daniel attacks Ravage with a laser cannon...hitting him in the side and causing him to let go. Ravage fell to the ground hitting so hard it knocked his optics blurry for a moment. Sandstorm lunged forward and grabed him by the neck holding him as tight as possible with one hand, with the other hand he releases the two proton bombs atached to Ravages side. Suddenly another vehicle was Sky Lynx. He swooped down landing next to Sandstorm and Ravage. "Well it looks like you have made quite a catch today...three Decepticons by nightfall." said Sky Lynx. "Yeah and this was the most exciting yet" yelled Daniel." I see, well load him up and lets go home"." I agree said Sandstorm." Then Spike took the two proton bombs and set the timer, after that he threw them into Ravages lair. Ravage watched this, the anger growing inside. "I will get you Autobots, you will be mine".....



Next issue: The action really gets hot as Ravage, Ratbat and Laserbeak attempt to escape the clutches of the Autobots, be here for Eye of the tiger #2!!!!!!!

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