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Transformers Rebirth


The inside of Dr. Sorens lab was quite and dark. Lit only by the computer monitors that laid their bright lights out on the floor. Then suddenly the darkness was shattered by flashlights as a tall muscular man enters the room. The mans name is Scamp, and he has been said by some to be the best hit man and demolition expert in the business. "You men search this room for Soren's class roster" ordered Scamp. "I will examine the setup here and figure out how to make this appear as an accident." Three men emerged from behind Scamp and began to rummage through papers and search Soren's Computers looking for the information Avex had ordered them to retrieve. Scamp looked around the room taking in the scenery as he searched for something to use. Then he seen it.......four bottles of raw Nitroglycerin. "Hmm, I wonder what the good doctor was doing with this" thought Scamp to himself. He took the bottles of Nitro and set them up high on a large heavy wooden shelf mounted above a Bunsen burner on the Doctors lab table. He then took a couple of books and set them under the Bunsen burner to raise it to just the right level so that when burning the flame would burn the wooden supports that held the shelf. "Sir, I have the info" said a man in the background. "Excellent. go get the body then" ordered Soren. Two of the men left to get Soren's body while the third walked over to Scamp. "Give me the solution" ordered Scamp The other man reached in his jacket and pulled out a large vile of crystal blue liquid. "What exactly does this stuff do" asked the man. "This stuff will make even the smallest fires burn to full intensity, and grow to so large that this place will burn to the ground before the firemen can put it out. And best of all, the solution totally burns up in the fire making it undetectable to forensic experts." explained Soren Just then the other two men entered the room carrying Dr. Soren's body. "What do we do with him" asked one of the men "Put him in the chair in front of the computer over there" said Scamp. The two men sat Soren in his chair and pushed it up to the desk. Scamp then took his hands and propped them up on the keyboard to appear as if Soren had simply been burning the midnight oil in the lab. He then took a special mask meant to block out toxic smells and put it on Soren's face to explain why he would not have smelled the shelf burning. He then dialed his computer into the National Toxic Control Center so there would be a record of him logging on to even further the set up. Scamp examined Soren's forehead where a bullet hole used to be. "That Dr. J can certainly work miracles when it comes to covering gun wounds" said Scamp. He then walked over to Soren's book case and pulled out several books on toxic substances and opened both books and laid them on the table next to the Bunsen burner. After that he walked in to a closet and returned with a couple of bottles of Toxic substances and laid them on the table next to the books. "Now return to the van, I will be out shortly" ordered Scamp. The three men then walked out of the room and left the building. Scamp pulled a lighter out of his pocket and held it up to the Bunsen burner while he turned it on. The burner ignited and began to burn the wood supports that held the large shelf to the wall. Scamp then took the blue vile and and poured it's contents on the table and floor in a trail leading around the room. He then examined the shelf once more to make sure it was burning. "Excellent" he thought to himself as he walked out of the room. He hurried outside and climbed into the van. He quickly started the van and sped off. He drove the van about four miles before they heard an immense explosion behind them. "Everything went according to plan, you will all be paid well" said Scamp. "Now we must return to await new orders in our conquest!!!"


ISSUE: 2, FEBRUARY 25, 1999


Jason sat on a stool next to a table that held the exo suite he found in his families old storage building. He was thumbing through some very old picture albums his father had left him, but was always afraid to look through for fear that one of them may hold pictures of his late father, and seeing pictures of his father depressed him greatly. He looked through album after album but was not able to find anything to help him until he came across a blue picture album with the letters 2006 embossed on it's cover in gold. He opened the album up and seen pictures of his relatives that he had never seen nor heard of. But then he seen something that caught his eye.....a small boy wearing a white jumpsuit with the same insignia that was on the ex suite!!!! Next to him was a futuristic car that also had the same symbol on it's hood. He thumbed through the rest of the album, finding more pictures of the young boy and what must have been his mom and dad, but many were tore in half or another person had been colored over so you could not tell who it was. He then found an up close picture of the young boy and could see the name Daniel embossed on the white jumpsuit. This was all he needed. He threw the books down and ran out of the room. He then returned with another book.....a book the women of the Whitwicky family had been making and adding to for generation after generation. The book held info on every Whitwicky family member including a Birth Certificate, Death Certificate, an obituary from the newspaper, and a brief synopsis of them. The book was so large and heavy that Jason had often thought of tearing it apart and making several small books of it, but he thought that would only ruin the historical meaning of it. He opened the book all the way to the first entry, Harold Whitwicky, Died November 2nd 1984. This one only held a death certificate and obituary. But the Obituary was not legible anymore due to inappropriate care to preserve it. The next was also only a Death Certificate and Obituary. The name was Marion Whitwicky. The obituary read that she was mother to Spike Whitwicky and wife to Sparkplug Whitwicky. He then thumbed through some more pages until something caught his eye. It was a Death certificate and obituary for Sparkplug Whitwicky, it read father of Spike Whitwicky and Grandfather to Daniel Whitwicky. He could hardly contain himself as he thumbed farther into the book until he found what he was looking for. A whole two pages of Daniel Whitwicky. By this time the women had started adding photos and other memorabilia. There were also pictures of large robots, and a large city. Below one picture he seen this inscription: Autobot Leader Optimus Prime and Daniel Whitwicky. This was exactly what he had needed to help him in his search. Jason quickly jumped from his stool and ran over to his computer. He typed in the keywords Autobot, and Optimus Prime. The computer searched away for a moment and returned several pages of information about the Autobots, Decepticons, and the great war. He read for several hours before pushing himself back from the computer and walking over to the exo suite. He examined the suite closely and ran his hand across the symbol on the chest of the suite. "If the Autobots were such great protectors to Earth, then why have they been erased from Earth's history" thought Jason. He ran his hand up and down the suite until he found a clasp on the shoulder of it. He pulled back on the clasp and the suite magically opened. Jason jumped back in fear for a moment, but then was mesmerized by the technology inside the suite. He could not contain himself any longer, so finally he walked over to the suite, stood it up and stepped inside. The suite clamped shut locking Jason inside of it. The suite then began to reshape itself to fit his body structure. After it was complete it looked as if it was made just for him. He noticed that while he was wearing the suite he felt much stronger. He walked over and looked in the mirror at his new body. He then lifted the helmet and slipped it over his head. As soon as the helmet made contact with the rest of the suite it began to mold to the suite, Jason's body began to shake violently. He fell to the ground shaking and jerking, kicking and thrashing, then suddenly....nothing. E.D.F. STARBASE Commander Avex sat at his desk reading over reports when Scamp walked in and sat down in a chair across from his desk. "Your job made the evening edition news tonight" said Avex without looking up from the papers. They say it was an accident, that he was working with Pure Nitro and other Toxic Chemicals and had an accident. This pleases me greatly." "I am glad to know you approve of my work, your men worked out great as well." said Scamp. "What is next on the agenda?" "I am going to dispatch some men to take care of Soren's students, I know they did not know how to read the charts at the time but I can't take the chance of one of them getting smart on me now." explained Avex. "I have a special job for you Scamp. As you know, when the Autobot's and Decepticon's went down over the Gulf, not all the Autobot's were aboard. Two of them are of course Fortress Maximuss and Metroplex due to their immense size. We have found were Fort Max was hidden, and have began to reprogram him to accept our commands, but there is one catch."explained Avex "And that is...?" asked Scamp. "Fort Max was a bread of Transformer known as a Headmaster, his head was capable of detaching itself from the host body and becoming a smaller body. Fort Max's head was controlled by the Whitwicky boy, and knowing this we obviously know that he is dead. Now the problem is...that the head is gone and we have no idea where it is, and I need you to find it" "Simple as that huh" smirked Scamp "Yes, Simple as that" replied Avex We know that Whitwicky had a falling out with the Autobot's and disappeared, that is why Fort Max was in cold storage, without a head he wasn't good for much. We believe he may have returned to his family, in Portsmouth Oregon if that is the case then the exo suite is probably stashed around there somewhere. I want you to go there and see if you can get some leads. Before you leave I want you to go down to the biolab, they have something for you." "I'm on my way Commander" said Scamp "Scamp" yelled Avex "Don't fail me, we need that head" "I don't intend to fail sir"


Three ships glide through space on a course for Earth. Aboard the two smaller ones, things begin to hum to life. Computers are starting up, and lights are coming on. Down one long corridor, stasis pods begin to activate to release the sparks stored inside. Aboard the lead ship one solitary figure sits. "It won't be long now. All humans will perish for what they have done!!!" A LARGE CAVE


A small boy sits on a rock watching his father work. The city laid out before him inside the cave seems like the biggest city in the world to his young body. Unknown to Commander Avex, these humans have inhabited Metro City since the beginning of World War 3, which started shortly after the fatal Crash between the Autobot's and Decepticon's. The war, now over for a couple years, these people still find refuge in the large abandoned city. Here they are able to grow their own food, and live hidden from the rest of the word. Here they can finally live in peace. But their peace will be short lived, for Avex is on the prowl for the very city that they inhabit, for this city was once know as the Autobot Metroplex! The Autobot's deactivated him before leaving on the Ark for Cybertron so that he would not be lonely here alone. Having no way to take him back with them was hard on Optimus. Now Metroplex lays dormant here in this cave until someone comes along with the knowledge to reactivate him. And Avex has that knowledge......


Scamp walked down the stairs to the shuttle bay and rounded a corner in to the bio lab. "Well good evening Scamp" said Dr. Jennings "Hey Dr. J" replied Scamp. "Avex wanted me to make a few modifications to your body, so that you would be more fit to deal with any major resistance you may encounter." Explained Dr. J "So what are you planing?" asked Scamp "Come with me and I'll show you" said Dr. J walking in to another room with Scamp right behind him. He walked over to a holo projector and pressed a couple of buttons which caused a 3D scale model of Scamp appear on screen. Scamp's mouth dropped in awe at what he saw before him. "Is that going to me when you finish" asked Scamp "Yes sir, the ultimate fighting machine. To start I will remove both arms and replace them with Titanium Alloy mechanical arms. I will then "mold" a Titanium breast plate to your body, making you bullet proof. After that I will plate your feet and legs, also making them bullet proof. When I am finished I will fuse this helmet to your head, which will give you night vision, limited x-ray vision and countless other things to work with, including an eye laser." explained Dr. J "Cool, now what about the back pack there" asked Scamp "That is where the strength to carry all this will come from" explained Dr. J "After the surgery I will start you on injections of this" "What is that" asked Scamp, staring at a green vile the Dr. was pointing to. "I don't have a name for it yet, I call it X-43. Basically it is a souped up steroid. When you get a jolt of this you muscle mass will increase by 80%. You will run faster, hit harder and withstand a 10 story plunge off a high rise. In essence you will be the strongest man in the world. Now the draw back is that one jolt only last about 45 minutes, so you will carry this backpack which manufactures the chemical and delivers it to your body. There will be two IV's running down your back and into the main artery in each of your leg. BE CAREFULE with them. Pull them out and your dead. This button on your chest is what activates the chemical and tells the backpack to send it to you. explained Dr. J "So is pulling them out going to be a major problem" asked Scamp "No it shouldn't be, I will rig them up to bend and flex with your leg, but damage to your leg may expose them, so be careful" said Dr. J "Well let's get started then, so I can get started kicking some ass!!!!!"


Jason lay on the floor, still convulsing from the effects of the helmet. Inside the helmet is mind was racing, seeing brief images of his life, and the life of someone else. Suddenly the twitching and thrashing stopped. He then rolled on to his back and looked up to the ceiling....his eyes burning a crystal blue...... "I now know what must be done"


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FEBUARY 25, 1999