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Transformers Rebirth



Somewhere out in a desolate desert sits a large city covered with crews of men reworking it's inner structure. Avex has given orders to have the whole city restructured by the time the head is found to make it operate. Inside the control room to Fort Max A man oversees all the activities of the other men. He is known only as Zero. His origin is unknown to anybody other than Avex. Without him this project could not continue, because remarkably he seems to know all about how Transformers work, a science never revealed to mankind other than the Whitwickys, who where sworn to secrecy. Zero stands, looking out a window in a room flooded with computers and monitors and other hi-tech equipment. Then suddenly a light begins to blink on the com panel. He walks over to the blinking light and presses a button to hear a familiar voice come over the speaker. "How are things going" asked the voice. "Things are going fine, we should have Fort Max ready to go by the time you get here, providing we find the head. But we still haven't found where Metroplex is at." explained Zero. "No matter, we will make do with only one. The world is still so weak after their war they don't have the man power to put up much resistance." said the voice. "I hope you are right, they are weak but they still have power." said Zero. "Do not worry about their power, that will be taken care of" said the voice. "And if you haven't found a head yet, I know where to get one" "Then why are we wasting time looking for his head here?" asked Zero "Because Fort Max's Headmaster head offers more power, since it will be two minds working together as one, and the ability to become a smaller robot." explained the voice. "I can see where these abilities would be useful but time is growing limited" said Zero "Everything will be fine, now continue your work and at least have the body ready to go by the time I get there" said the voice as the screen went blank. "Yes o mighty commander things will be ready. Let's just hope for our sake you know what the hell you are doing."


ISSUE: 3, MARCH 22, 1999


Scamp lay on a table covered with wires and hooked to monitors. The operation was complete and he was quickly recovering thanks to the super steroids Dr. J injected him with. Then his fingers began to twitch, along with his eyes. He was beginning to awaken. The Doctor walked over to him and was taking readings from the monitor to make sure his vitals were staying within the safe limit. Then suddenly Scamp bolted upright and his eyes shot open. "Is it complete" asked Scamp. "The operation is complete and you are doing well" said Dr. J "We are about ready to fit you with your helmet and back pack. I just need to get theses readings off of you to make sure your body is taking it ok" "I don't care if my body is taking it ok, I'm ready to fight" said Scamp "I know your ready mentally, but we need to make sure your ready physically" explained Dr. J "I want you to go over there and lift those weights and work out a little to see how it is going to affect your body." "Ok Dr." said Scamp as he walked across the room to the weights. He laid down on the table and began to lift them. He first started with a mere 100 pounds, then worked up the scale until he was bench pressing 800 pounds like it was a bag of feathers. "This stuff works great, to bad you don't have anything heavier" said Scamp "Yes, and your body is reacting nicely, you are not even straining" said Dr. J "I think that this tells me enough so we will stop there, but I am going to put some monitors under your armor so we can watch you in battle and make sure nothing happens when your worked up" "Sounds good to me Dr." said Scamp "Let's get you suited up then" said Dr. J. They both walked in to a room off the side of the training room where a helmet, backpack and gun lay. The Dr. picked up the helmet and put on Scamps head. He then took some wires and ran them down the back of the suit and connected them. After that he pulled out a torch and welded the helmet to the suit so it would not come off in battle. He then took Backpack off the table and slipped it on Scamps back. He placed the actuator button on his right shoulder and plugged it in. Then finally he took the gun off the table and connected a hose to the back, and mounted the gun on the side of the pack. "There you go your all fixed up" said Dr.J "Have a look in the mirror" Scamp turned around and looked in to the mirror at the huge beast staring back at him. "It's even better than I pictured" said Scamp. "I think this calls for a name just doesn't seem to fit anymore" "I think your right" said Dr. J with a chuckle "I think ill take a name from those files we read about the mission. From now on you can call me Menasor" said Scamp "Good choice, I think it fit you " said Dr. J "Now there is no time to waste, do you have a shuttle ready for me?" asked Menasor "Shes fired up and ready to fly" said Dr. J "Good then, I must go to Oregon. Ill rip apart every Witwicky until I find that head" said Menasor "Good luck" said Dr. J "I won't need luck" said Menasor as he ran out of the room. "Lets hope not" said Dr. J


Jason raised himself from the floor and looked around the room. He seen his own reflection in the full length mirror across the room leaning against the wall, his reflection had changed. The exo suit now attached to his body had changed as well, it now had a totally different shape than the one he had recovered from the shed. "I have got to find the remaining to Autobots" though Jason to himself, "I must prepare". Jason left his lab and walked in to a padded room he had designed while he was teaching marshal arts out of his own home. He began to practice his moves once again, for he felt that they may be needed sometime in the future. He didn't know why. but somehow he knew that there was an impending danger out there, waiting to get him.


Three ships sit in Plutos orbit, preparing for what they are about to do. Aboard them, robots scurry around, loading weapons, and preparing their ships for battle. Aboard the single largest ship, the dark figure still sits, pondering the past, his rage growing ever larger. "All Earthlings will pay" said the figure aloud. "Yes, even you Avex, you are not above them, and despite our treaty you will die. I will drain the Earth dry of its resources, it will be nothing more than a diner of Energon for hungry Transformers. Yes, the Earth will be mine. No power in the universe will stop me!!!"


Jason sat at a computer terminal, reading all the info he had compiled so far on the Transformers, his chest was still pounding from the workout, he had not done that in years. Then suddenly he heard a strange roar overhead. It sounded like star fighters. Jason jumped from his chair and ran out the door in time to see two ships flying straight at him. One of the ships began to fire on his house, totally destroying it. The other ship was coming straight at him. Then suddenly, out of instinct Jason reached for his thigh as a fun emerged. He was amazed at how he knew it was there, and yet he knew nothing about the suite. He began to fire on the ship flying at him as the pilot began to fire on Jason. Jason dodged the shots and rolled to the side. He quickly fired at the under belly of the ship as it flew over his head. The ship began to smoke, then it whirled out of control and crashed to the ground in a large explosion. But then the second ship was coming at him, but was not firing. Jason sat, awaiting the ships next move when suddenly the hatch popped open and a very large figure emerged!!! He jumped from the ship and landed feet first on the ground. The ship flew a few feet over Jason's head and crashed to the gound only inches away from it's counterpart. "So you found the head" said Menasor as he approached Jason. "To bad you got so attached to it cause now im gonna have to take it from you" "Go ahead and try it" said Jason as he lunged at Menasor. Menasor quickly slapped him back like a fly, "Nobody can defeat Menasor, and you will die for trying" "Sorry buddy, I have better things to do today than die" said Jason as he lunged from the ground. He quickly drew his gun again and fired on Menasor over and over again. He pelted his armor like a kid shooting cans with a pellet gun. But Menasor kept on coming until he was within arms reach of Jason, he then reached out to grab Jason, but he ducked under Menasors reach and rolled around behind him. He caught a glimpse of a small hose between the cracks of Menasors armor and fired on it. He managed to split the hose in half, and knock Menasor to the ground. Menasor stood once again, unaware of the severed hose and lunged at Jason. He dodged him once again and moved to the side as Menasor hit the ground. He then fired on Menasors back once again. Menasor quickly rolled over and kicked Jason's legs out from underneath him, causing Jason to hit the ground with a thud. Menasor quickly jumped up and grabbed Jason by the throat. "Now Autobrat, we shall end this game" said Menasor as Jason kicked and struggled. But it was no use he could not get free. Then something began to happen. Menasors grip began to loosen and Jason could breath again. Menasor then let Jason fall to the ground as he stepped back and hit the actuator button attached to his shoulder, but nothing happened, he hit it again, still nothing. He then noticed the puddle on the ground around him. The hose had been damaged so it was pumping the steroid out on to the ground!! He knew if the steroid wore off completely he would be powerless against Jason. He scanned the area for a way to escape. He seen a Jeep sitting on the road and ran for it. Jason quickly persued, firing on him, but it was no use. The steroid had not worn off completely yet and Menasor was to fast. He made it to the jeep and jumped in. He then started it up and sped away. Jason watched in frustration as he got away. "I could have stopped him" said Jason to himself. "That stuff in the backpack gives him his strength, if I could have held him till it wore off I could have stopped him." He then turned around to see the puddle Menasor had pumped out on to the ground. He quickly ran over and salvaged some before the ground soaked it all up. He then noticed the grass around where the liquid was, the grass quickly grew strong and healthy and green. " I have got to check this stuff out" thought Jason. He turned to look at the remains of his house, with only one room standing. His Steel Walled lab. "I knew that stuff would come in handy some day" said Jason to himself. He then ran for his lab to analize the liquid.


The three ships that orbited Pluto began to power up again. They then began to move toward Earth once again. This time loaded with weapons.....



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MARCH 22, 1999
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