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Registration Form.

Instructions: 1. Put your mouse cursour in front of the N in name. 2. Click and hold the left mouse button and drag it down until you have the whole form highlighted. (After the E in CHANGE). 3.Right click on the highlighed area and select copy. 4. Go to the bottom of the form and double click on the e-mail adress below and your e-mail program should open, If not open it. Make sure the address matches the one below. If not Change it. 5. Place your cursour somewhere in the e-mail program, then right click again and select Paste. 6.Fill out the form and Make the Subject REGISTRATION and e-mail it back to us.

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Do you want your real name Visable to Viewers?

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After registration you will recieve a unique ID number. Keep this number for your records. For your security you will need this number when discussing private information about your account with us. You will also need this number when listing an Item for sale or Trade. This method will protect your personel info in the event that your mail is misdirected or intercepted by anyone other than us. This number will always begin with a TF. We will also use this number when contacting you. DO NOT give out personel info to anyone that claims to be a part of our staff unless they have this number. THIS NUMBER WILL NEVER CHANGE.

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