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Transformers Rebirth

October 13, 3007

"Optimus shields are going down, weapons are failing....there is nothing we can do!" yelled Bumblebee. "The Decepticons won't take us alive." said Prime. "What are you thinking?" asked Kup. "Prepare to do a full turn, engines full burn...I wan't ramming speed" said Optimus. "But Prime, if we ram the Decepticons ship it will kill us all, that ship is carrying enough energon to level a planet. said Perceptor. "I'm afraid that is the only choice we have Perceptor, we can't let the Decepticons kill us and escape, we have 98% of the Autobot population aboard this ship, if we were to let that happen it would leave Earth, and the universe powerless against the Decepticons. explained Prime. "I agree said Rodimus, If our death is the only way to save the universe then that is what must be done" Bumblebee proceeded to carry out Optimus's orders while the other Autobots attempted to keep their ship together long enough to pull out their maneuver. "Everything is ready" said Ultra Magnus. "Proceed on my order" said Prime.... "all of you better make your peace now, because we will probably never see each other again." The Autobots sat in silence awaiting Optimus's order. Every thought imaginable ran through their head as they stared at the monitor ahead of them. Then just as if Primus himself had spoken from the Matrix Prime's voice broke the quietness. "Proceed". With that their ship whirled around and blasted full speed toward the Decepticon ship on their tail, which was also carrying the majority of their Population. The Decepticons had no time to react. The ship was coming at them to fast. "May the Matrix be with you Autobots" Whispered Prime to himself" "Till all are one" yelled the Autobots in unison as their ship collided with the Decepticons. Both ships exploded in an immense explosion the likes have which have never been seen before. Parts of both ships began to fall back to the Earth , some at thousands of miles per hour. Most of the pieces crashed down in the Gulf of Mexico, but some landed in Texas, Mexico and Louisiana causing minor damage. The bodies of Autobots and Decepticons alike rained down on the Gulf causing tital waves as they crashed to the water. All bodies that were still intact were shredded on impact with the water. But when it all ended there was quietness. The Transformers were gone. What was the fate of the Universe to be without the Autobots to protect it?


ISSUE: 1, FEBRUARY 12, 1999




October 13, 3027...

20 Years Later...

A tall slender man sat at a computer terminal in a dark quite room studying all the figures his students had gathered the day before. Laid out next to him were a dozen or so star charts and maps. "Interesting" the man said aloud startling himself as he broke the dead silence. He whirled his chair around and grabbed a huge black notebook off a shelf and quickly opened it up to a star chart. "That thing is not supposed to be there" he said to himself. He ran back to his computer terminal and opened up a communication link to the E.D.F. (Earth Defense Force). Suddenly a Large black man popped on the screen, "Ah Dr. Soren we havn't heard from you in a while, what can we do for you"? asked the man. "This is no research call Jack, I need to speak to Commander Avex immediately" said Soren. "He is away to a peace conference on Mars, If it is a life or death emergency you could reach him there" said Jack. "Ok thanks" said Soren cutting the other man short before he could say anything more. He grabbed a small red book out of a drawer and skimmed the pages. "There it is" he said to himself as he turned back to the monitor and dialed up the World Embassy on Mars. "Hello, May I help you" said a small blonde haired woman. "I need to speak to Commander James Avex, he is there attending a peace conference today" said Dr. Soren "I'm sorry sir but Commander Avex is unavailable at the moment" said the woman. "This is a life or death emergency concerning the E.D.F. and I need to speak with him now" said Soren. "Sir I told you that he can not speak now" repeated the woman "Damnit I said It is an emergency and you better put him on now" yelled Soren now irritated. "Yes sir I will get him for you then" said the woman with an attitude. The screen went blank for a moment then Commander Avex appeared on the screen, he was a tall slender man with a thick beard. "Is there something I can assist you with Dr" asked Avex. "I have found something very important that I need to speak with you about" said Soren. "This is a secure channel, go ahead Dr. said Avex. "While my students were studying their star charts yesterday one of them picked up on something strange in quadrant Eleta 2. said Soren "What is it" asked Avex. It is a small cluster of something headed straight for us, my first guess would be a small armada of ships from the readings I got, but even if it is only a meteor shower it will still be a danger to us" said Soren. "Does anybody else know about this" asked Avex. "No I just discovered it myself and you are the only person I have told" said Soren. "Then keep it that way, I will be leaving now I want to meet with you on this matter in person, bring all your research, and remember, tell no one" ordered Avex. "Yes sir" said Soren. With that the Screen went blank. Soren then turned around and began to gather up his paper work and copied all his findings on the computer to a disk. "I only hope i'm wrong" said soren to his self as he gathered his things and walked out the door.


A small Earth satellite floats slowly through space as it prepares to leave the Milky Way galaxy forever. Suddenly the satellite explodes in a huge fireworks show and a small fleet of ships fly through the explosion on a course straight for Earth.


Dr. Soren sat patiently in an oversized chair waiting for Commander Avex to arrive. He studied the pictures and plaques hanging on the wall in boredom for what seemed like hours. Finally a woman appeared in the doorway. "Commander Avex will see you now." said the woman. "Ah finally." said Soren to himself. He stood from the chair and picked up a large box full of papers and stuff and followed the woman down a long hall and in to Avex's office. "Hello Dr. Soren." said Avex as the woman walked out and closed he door. "Hello Commander Avex, I hope i'm not wasting your time with this but I thought it might be urgent." explained Soren. "It's ok, you provided me with a good excuse to get out of another damn peace meeting." laughed Avex while walking over to the box Soren was holding. He took the box and sat it on the desk and proceeded to look through the papers and star charts. "Well it seems you have found something interesting here Doctor, has anybody else seen this?" asked Avex. "No nobody else has seen anything of it but my students and they don't know how to read it yet, the only other copy besides these is on my computer back at the lab." said Soren "Good, Good, then we need to keep it that way." said Avex as he walked back over to his desk and sat down. "I think we need to keep this under wraps as long as possible until the E.D.F. can check it out, ill get an order written right away, I don't want to announce this over the speakers because I don't want anybody other than the pilots to know the nature of this mission." explained Avex as he reached in to a drawer and fumbled around for something. Then suddenly he pulled his Hand from the desk and Soren flinched in terror as he realized that was no order sheet in Avex's was a gun!! Avex quickly jumped from his chair and fired a shot in to Sorens head, dropping him to the floor instantly. He laid the gun on the desk and pushed a button on the communicator on his desk. "Get me a clean up crew" said Avex in to the speaker. "Right away sir." said a man on the other end. He then walked over to Sorens body and searched his clothes for anything else important he might have on him. "Sorry old pal but you got in just a little to far over your head with this one" said Avex to himself. Then suddenly a bookshelf in the far corner of the room started to move and several men walked in. "Two of you get this guy out of here and do away with the body." ordered Avex. "Yes sir" said the man in front as he motioned at another man. The two of them picked up Sorens body and carried it out of the room the same way they came in. "I want the rest of you to go down to Earth and destroy Dr. Sorens lab, bring his student roster back to me but destroy everything else. Make it look like an accident." ordered Avex. "Yes sir Commander Avex sir" said the one of the men as they all turned around and went back in the door they came in. Avex then turned to an empty wall and pressed a button. A small section of the wall lifted away to reveal a view of the Earth. "Soon, you will belong to me and every living thing on earth will bow to Lord Avex." said avex to himself laughing. "Very soon."


OCTOBER 14, 3027

Jason Witwicky pulled out a pair of bolt cutters to try to cut an old rusty lock off a door that held all of his families old priceless treasures. He had searched for this place for several years, following only vague maps that had been passed from generation to generation. Until now, no one else in his family had cared to search for this place, thinking it was just a family legend passed down through the years. But Jason knew better, he had a feeling inside him that told him the place was real and that he had to find it. Jason struggled with the thick lock for what seemed like for ever until he was finally able to break through the lock. The lock fell to the ground with a thud as Jason reached forward to pull the door open. Jason then stepped inside the door holding a flashlight to see if he could find any kind of lights in the building. No such luck though. Even if this place did have lights they probably would have rotted away thought Jason as he walked through the room. He began to rummage through boxes and old papers, some that fell apart at his touch from age, yet some seem to be only a few years old. Then something caught his eye. A very large steel safe sat in the far corner of the room. Jason quickly ran over to the safe and examined it with care to see if there was any way possible that the large safe could be opened. His anxiety rose within him as he wondered what could possibly be inside. He then noticed that the safe was so old that the hinges on the door where beginning to rot, being made of something much weaker than steel so Jason looked around the room for something he could use to pry at them with. He then spotted an ax laying on the floor next to a mound of countless tools. He walked over and picked up the ax and began to swing at the hinges on the safe. It didn't take much before the hinges gave and the door fell a little from the loss of support, Jason then went over and pulled on the door revealing the contents inside the safe. He was stunned by what he seen inside. At first it appeared to be a robot of some kind, but upon closer examination he realized that it was more of an exo suite than a robot. The red and gray suite was made out of a metal Jason hed never seen in his entire life. He was amazed at the complexity of the device. He then noticed something on the chest of the suite. It was a red face, an insignia of some sort. Something immediately clicked in Jason's head. He knew that symbol, but from where?? He quickly gathered the suite and carried out of the room, shutting the door behind him. He had to take this suite home with him and study it, he knew there was something to it he just could't place what. But he intended to find out. . .


A small fleet of ships grows ever closer to the planet Earth. Aboard the bridge of the lead ship a lone solitary figure sits and stares at the monitor ahead of him. The monitor plays images of a great war between machines that raged for centuries, and of how the war ended tragically 20 years ago. As he watches the images before him anger builds. He will have his revenge. . . .


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