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Issue 1, Vol 1

Hello Transfans,

Wwlcome to the first edition of Words from the Ark. For those of you who noticed, some much needed time off of work has given me time to do the much needed updates to the site. I have taken out a lot of text, rearanged the graphics, and replaced the Text Links with buttons. I hope this makes the site much better for my visitors. New Additions to the site include:

Transfiction: Fanfic stories from us, readers, and other web sites for our viewers. If you have a fanfic related to Transformers you can post it here as well, just e-mail it to us and we will get it up.

ICQ Posting: I have finally gotten my ICQ Panel up so you can ICQ your posts to me or just chat.

Transactions Newsgroup: We now have a custom newsgroup for Transfans to post whatever they feel. This is not a moderated group so anything goes.

Tranactions Discussion Group: An ICQ discussion group for Transfans to join and talk to each other. Its kind of like a ICQ ring of Transfans

Words From the Ark: This Section

Power 106 Netcasting: Listen to music while you surf the net!! If you have Real Player you can listen to this radio statio netcast courtesy of Apex 2000 Internet Corperation. This will continue to broadcast after you leave my site so you can listen while you surf. The onle way to stop it is to close Real Player.

The Flak Pack: A board where known flakkers will be posted. If you know any let us know so we can get them up to warn other Transfans.

These are, I think all of the latest updates besides the major face lift I gave the site. I still have more to come when I have the time to get them up. We hope these updates make it easier to navagate our site and makes your visit a more pleasurable one.