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So you want to place a banner on our site?? No problem. All you have to do is e-mail us at with the URL of your page. We will the check out your site and if it does not break any of the rules listed below then we will contact you and you can send us a banner. The rules are simple ones that im sure most of you will agree upon. Don't have a banner? No sweat, just send us your URL and tell us you don't have a banner and we will put up a text link to your site the only thing we ask in return is that you post a banner or link to our site on youre.


1. It has to be a working site!!! Do not e-mail me with URLs that lead to nowhere.

2. The site must be up to date. I will not link to a site that is only updated twice a year, unless it is a site that does not need constant updating.

3. It MUST be Transformers related. It can have multiple themes(i.e. Mega Man, Transformers, and Robotech all in one site) as long as it has something to do with Transformers, don't e-mail me to link to your hompage about your cat.

4. No Porno.

5. Language is ok, but don't over do it. I don't even have words I will turn you away for using as long as your paragraphs dont use one for every third word.

6 . Your banner must be sent to me in HTML form. Do not e-mail me with .gifs or jpgs or they wont be used. It must be ready for me to simply cut and paste it. I am not your mother and I will not correct your HTML.

7. Your banner must be tasteful and resonably sized. I will not post a bannner that will slow my pages load time.

8. Your banner must be a gif or Yes, I have had people send me bitmaps before.

9. If I post your banner, you must post my banner or put up a text link to my site. I will not force you to use my banners, just as long as your site links to mine in some way. In the future we will post our banners on this site for you to download.

That is all I ask from you before you ask me to link to your site. If I look over your site and find something wrong I will give you a chance to correct it before I turn you away, and in most cases im not a hard ass and will strech a rule or two. I will contact you if your site has been rejected with a reason why. In most cases though you will not be rejected.

All banners should link to:

Traditional Banners

Button Banners Coming soon!!!!