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Ravage carefully looks over the shielding for Sky Lynx's brain hoping to find a weak spot. "There" he says. "I found the weak spot on the top of the dome" Ravage looks around the room looking for something to climb up on so he can get to the weak area. "There is not anything for me to climb on to get high enough" says Ravage. "I will fly up and blast it" says Laserbeak. "You must hit the exact spot at the apex of the shield." instructed Ravage. "I will not fail" said Laserbeak as he flew to the top of the room and hovered over the top of the shield. He lowered his plasma cannon and attempted to take aim but his hovering was making the task quite difficult. He knew if he didn't hit it the first time alarms would be tripped and they would be given away. He glanced around and seen that there was a small ledge going around the top of Sky Lynx's head. He quickly flew over and landed on the ledge and took aim. "Perfect" He mumbled as he lined the target up in his sight. "Make this shot and that will be the end of Sky Lynx"

The Transformers Universe Featuring: Ravage

"Eye of the tiger" #3 of a 3 part series

Written By: Mike Hamlin

Edited By: Chris Faulkner


Ultra Magnus looked over the charts that were laid out before him. "My coordinance say that we should be coming up on Sky Lynx shortly, but he is nowhere in sight." said Magnus. "Something is definatly wrong" "Maybe it was just a mechanical problem and they stopped to fix it, then they would not be moving at us and we would not come up on them as soon" said Hot Rod. "Maybe" said Magnus, "But I somehow doubt it" "Yeah, especially when the cargo was Deceptions." said Springer.


Laserbeak has the shot lined up, the crosshairs locked. He focuses his blaster then BOOM, a huge explosion is heard throughout Sky Lynx. Laserbeak falls to the floor. But the blast was not from Laserbeak. "What the hell was that" screeches Ratbat. "I don't know" said Ravage. "Let's check it out". Laserbeak gets up off the floor and the three of them head back the way came until they come to a ventilation vent over the control room. "Megatron" exclaims Ravage as he sees his commander in charge of the ship. Ravage breaks through the vent and jumps to the floor. "There are my missing comrades" says Megatron as the three of them enter. "Starscream, I want you and Rumble to search the rest of the ship and round up the rest of the Autobots. "Thundercracker, lock these four up" orders Meagatron as he points toward Blaster, Sandstorm, Spike and Daniel. "It will be a pleasure Megatron" says Thundercracker. He then walks over to the two Autobots and puts energy cuffs around their wrists and picks up the humans. He then leads them in to the next room where Ravage and the others were kept. Megatron turns to the navigation panel to his side. "This is all to perfect" says Megatron to Soundwave. "With Sky Lynx in stasis we will be able to use this ship to sneak past their early warning system on Earth." "Radio Cybertron and tell Shockwave to pree a full scale assault team to launch on my command. says Megatron "As you command master" says Soundwave as he turns to the com panel. "Yes Laserbeak I think things are finally going to go right for the Decepticons."


Optimus Prime sat in his chair looking at the viewscreen ahead of him. Watching space flow by as the Ark raced to Sky Lynx's aid. "Do you think the Decepticons beat us Prime" asked Ironhide "I'm almost certain they did" said Prime "And i'm almost certain they will have us outnumbered, let's just hope that Ultra Magnus gets there to help.


Megatron sat in the captains chair on the bridge of Sky Lynx staring into space. "Does something trouble you master" asked Soundwave. "Just a preminition" said Megatron. "Radio Shockwave to send a small relief force" "As you command master" said Soundwave. He turned to the panel next to him and began to push buttons again when there was a blast to the side. "Autobots" yelled Skywarp. "They are boarding us" yelled Ramjet. "Soundwave send that message" ordered Megatron "Decepticons prepare for battle" The Autobots led by Ultra Magnus began boarding Sky Lynx firing at every Decepticon in site. But the Decepticons outnumbered the Autobots and they quickly began to fall back. Then suddenly another door bust open and the Autobots locked in the holding room emerged. They had the Decepticons surrounded but there still wasn't enough. The fight raged for over 30 minutes until Prime arrived. "It looks like we are to late" said Ironhide "No the Autobots are still holding out, prepare to transform the Ark" ordered Prime "Yes sir" said Ironhide. He reached over and pressed a few buttons and set some levers. "Ready Prime, transformation will begin in 60 seconds" said Ironhide "Autobots, evacuate for Sky Lynx" ordered Prime. The few Autobots aboard the Ark began to scramble for the door, they all strapped on jetpacks and headed for the battle. Ultra Magnus was glad to see reinforcements, they finally began to push back the Decepticons. Then suddenly the ship outside began to change. It split at and twisted, arms and a head emerged, the bottom folded over to reveal legs, and it all came together to form a robot. I...AM....PRIMUS!!! yelled the new robot as he reached in to Sky Lynx and pulled out a hand full of Decepticons. He threw them to the side and began to reach again when the Decepticons began to emerge from Sky Lynx and fire on him. "Autobots prepare to retreat" said Prime. "But what about the Decepticons" asked Hot Rod "We are all to weak to fight them now, and Primus is an incomplete prototype there is no way he will survive, I just used him to buy some time." said Prime. Jazz quickly ran to the control panel and pushed it to full speed. Sky Lynx began to pull away then was gone with a flash as the Autobots sped for safety. The Decepticons pounded Primus until there was nothing left, but they where to tired to chase the Autobots. They returned to plan their big strike back.. And strike back they did...but that is another story that doesn't take place for another year...............



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