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Ravage sits calmly in his cage looking around the room. He sees no possible chance for escape. Suddenly a door opens and in walks a tall Autobot. "Hello Ravage, nice day today, don't ya think. Oh I guess you wouldn't know would ya". Ravage growls at this comment and stares at the Autobot. He knows him as Blaster, the Autobot countert to his master Soundwave. Blaster walks over to ravages cage and presses a button. Instantly wheels protrude from the bottom. He pushes the cage into another room where Ratbat and Laserbeak were held in similar cages. "Kup decided it was time to put you in here with your buddies, so don't you guys go starting any trouble" said Blaster. Laserbeak and Ratbat both watched as he secured Ravage's cage to the wall. He then double checks the lock and presses the button retracting the wheels back into the cage. "Well, said Blaster, looks like you guys are all set, next stop Autobot city on Earth.

The Transformers Universe Featuring: Ravage

"Eye of the tiger" #2 of a 3 part series

Written By: Mike Hamlin

Edited By: Chris Faulkner


Megatron sits in his throne watching the monitors that surround him. He is pleased with the way the battle is going for him. Suddenly a door opens and Rumble runs in. "Megatron, I have bad news from the battle front" said Rumble. "What news would that be?" asked Megatron. Ravage, Laserbeak and Ratbat have all disappeared" said Rumble. "What do you mean disappeared?" "Starscream reports that he seen the Autobot Sky Lynx taking of in the vicinity of Ravages cave in the artificial jungle area." "Arrange a search ty immediately, the Autobots will pay for this" growled Megatron.


Blaster sits watching the two prisoners. After deciding there is no chance of escape he decides to leave the room. As the door closes behind him Ravage looks at Ratbat. "So got any ideas? squalks Laserbeak. "Yes, actually I do" says Ravage. He turns his head to his left shoulder and a secret comtment opens up. A small mechanical arm emerges from the opening holding a small silver sliver of metal. "My fang" shouts Ratbat. "Shhhh" whispers Ravage. He takes the fang in to his mouth and works it into the lock on the cage. Within minutes the lock click and falls to the floor allowing the door to swing open. After all the prisoners were free the made their way through a door and down a hallway. Ravages radar was seeking out weapons and he follows the instinct in his head strait to where they were stored. They quickly gathered the weapons and armed themselves. Then suddenly an alarm began to sound. "They must have discovered us missing" says Ratbat. "Their coming this way" squalks Laserbeak. "That's ok, growls Ravage, let them come"


All is quite in the Autobot command center until Blurr suddenly jumps from his chair. "Ultra Magnus, there is an alarm going off aboard Sky Lynx". "Whats going on up there" asks Magnus turning to Perceptor. "We have received no communication of distress as of yet sir" says Perceptor. "Something is going on up there and I want to know what." says Magnus. He walks over to a terminal and presses a button. "Springer, assemble a strike team and pree a shuttle for launch." says Magnus. "I'm on it sir" replies Springer. "Perceptor you radio Optimus Prime and report the situation, says Magnus, Arcee and Hot Rod you come with me, were gonna go check this out."


"Quick, let's go this way" orders Ravage. "What if Autobots are that way" squaks Laserbeak. "Quit your worrying" says Ratbat. "If we can head them off we can ambush them" says Ravage. "Great idea lets go then" says Ratbat. The three of them head down a narrow passage in to the ventilation ducts of Sky Lynx. They follow it around until they come to a large computerized room. "Excellent" says Ravage. "Where are we?" asks Laserbeak. "This is Sky Lynx's command center, and that little gem over there is his brain" smirks ravage, we destroy this and Sky Lynx will loose all his automation." "Then, says Ratbat we can bail out and Sky Lynx will go crashing to the ground...taking all the Autobot with him"...



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Next time in the third and final issue: Can the Decepticons save their allies? What will happen to Sky Lynx? Find out next issue.

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