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Hello, and welcome to our new Transfiction section where we will post fanfic related to the Transformers. We hope you enjoy the storys you will find here. Some are written by our staff, some are fanfic we have used by permission of another site, but we hope all of it will entertain you and keep you coming back for more!!

The stories under the SERIES section will be a regular "neverending" series that will be updated bi-weekly. The story will never end unles it just isn't popular enough to warrant it continuation.

The Stories under the TF UNIVERSE section are only multi-part issues that will only last 3-5 parts or so. Every issue will be different and will be based on different things. One week may be Beast Wars the next may be pre-movie. You just never know. If you have ideas or would like to see your favorite charachter in a story let us know!!! You can even write your own and we will post it!!

NOTE: User posted stories do not have to be multi-part. It can just be a 1 part story but it must not be more tha 7 parts.

[THE STORIES]-------------


Transformers Rebirth This story is the sole property of Transaction and will be our flagship story. This story will never end, but entertain you with a new issue every two weeks. We hope you enjoy this story as much as we enjoy writing it!!! There are currntly 2 issues posted.

The Transformers 3015: This story belonged to another site that closed down quite a while ago. We were able to contact the old webmaster and get the permission needed to post it here. These 7 issues was as far as the site got, so we are going to pick up the story here.

TF UNIVERSE-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Eye of the Tiger Featuring Ravage: This was a three part story based on ravage shortly before the great wars of 2005. It is realatively short but interesting. There will be more TF Universe stories in the future


More stories to come!!


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Transfiction is a registered trademark of Transactions Ltd. Please ask for permission before using ANY stories posted on this page. Some stories do not belong to us and are on loan from another site. The rotating logo on the Rebirth story is property of Greg Gaub.