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Aero sits, watching Janus wondering what he should do, he is torn between staying with him to see if he awakens, or carry him back to the landspeeder and go for help. But making it back to the landspeeder would be next to impossible carrying Janus on his back... to many drops and climbing to get back. Then suddenly Janus stirs on the floor. Aero rushes by his side to see if he can awaken him. "Janus...Janus...can you hear me?" asks Aero with a tremble in his voice...he is still unsure of what caused Janus to react the way he did, was it a monster lurking in the shadows? No, probably not thought Janus otherwise Im sure it would have gotten us by now, but what could it be? Just then Janus bolts upright on the floor staring in to space as if he had seen his own ghost. "What happened?" asks Janus. "Thats what I would like to know old just started screaming and passed out on the floor." "Oh yes... now I remember" said Janus turning once again to look at the face on the building. "I know that insignia whispered Janus, I dont know how I know or exactly what it is but I have seen it before"...

The year is 3015 and the wars between the Transformers have been long since forgotten, becoming more myth than fact. What become of the heroic giants from long ago?? Do they still exist?? Does Cybertron still exist?? Now as a new era dawns the mystery of the Transformers begins to unfold....

The Transformers 3015 #2

City of Fortune Part 2

Written By: Jake Hendrix

RE-Edited by: PRIMAL
Editors Note: The Transformers 3015 "City of Fortune #1-#7 are syndicated issues aquired from another site and have been re-edited to fit our style. Transaction Ltd. aquired this story in an agreement with another failing site that has given up. All future issues will be written by Transactions Ltd. Jake Hendrix is NOT a member of the Transactions team.


Janus stared at the door for a long time before he started to step forward. "Lets see if we can open that door, I want to know more about this place" says Janus. "Sir are you sure that is a good idea?" "No, but we need to find out who...or what built this city, there is no telling what kind of threat a civilization this advanced could cause." "I will go get the equipment." "No, going all the way back would waste to much time, we need to move now" With that Janus starts toward the ramp, walking with a long stride as if he was late for something. Janus stopped and glanced back at Aero, "Well are you coming or not?" Aero looked nervously up at the structure and decided to follow. As they approached the ramp fear rose within Aero, he didnt know what he was so scared of but he felt as if there was something terrible awaiting them inside this building. "What do you think we will find inside?" asked Aero. "Im not sure, but something tells me there is something important in there...something I need. I have dreamed of a place something like this, and of giant mechs at war with each other, but lately they dont seem so much like mechs, I never see a driver and they seem to think for them selves." "So do you think this is the place in your dream?" "I dont know, that is why it interests me so much." Janus suddenly grows very quite as the two approach the top of the ramp. The door seems huge compared to the two humans, Janus studies the symbol on the door, wondering what this symbol means to him. Then suddenly the door begins to move...Janus steps slowly inside with Aero right on his tail. The room inside is huge , with the most advanced computer system anybody had ever seen. There were 6 doors on all sides of the room. "I wonder where all these doors lead?" asked Janus curiously. "Im not sure I want to know." said Aero. "Ah come on old buddy where is your sense of adventure?" "I think I left it back in the landspeeder...with all the weapons." "I dont think we have anything to worry about...this place is dead" "How can you be so sure?" "If there was anybody here I think they would have been all over us by now. Come on we will go this way." Janus suddenly started for a door on he far side of the room, above it was a sign that read MAIN OPERATIONS. "Maybe from in there we can find out more about this place". This door led the two down a long hallway to an elevator, they took the elevator to the only floor on the panel. When the doors opened Aero and Janus were stunned with awe...this room was like nothing they had ever seen before. There were enough computers and gizmos and gadgets to furnish the old Goverment for years. Just then Janus saw something that really caught his interest. A large computer terminal with what looked like blueprints of this entire base. Janus quickly walked over to the terminal and examined the knobs, buttons and switches until he found what he wanted. Two marked Auxiliary Power and the other was marked Main Power. Janus reached over and moved the lever for the Main power to the ON position, the the Auxiliary lever automatically kicked off. Then suddenly something flashed on the main read:

Push ENTER to activate core memory reserves this action involves

A.Activation of core memory module

B.Activation of Transformation cog

C. Activation of Primary Weapons systems

Janus quickly reached over and pushed the ENTER button and with that the computer started a countdown from 45 to 0. After the countdown the terminal flashed another message:

Push ENETR now for full system startup

Once again Janus hit the enter button. Then suddenly the room seemed to hum to life. What the hell is going on? yelled Aero. "I dont know...but I dont think it is good". said Janus. Then suddenly another voice came from out of nowhere "Who is in my head? Intruders must die, nobody interferes with......METROPLEX"......


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