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Janus stands...stunned from all that has taken place. He looks around the room with a feeling he is somehow inside himself. He then turns to Aero, who is still having trouble believing the story which Janus has laid before him. How could Janus be a robot? He seems so human. But it had to be true, otherwise how would he have survived sticking that live wire to his head. Then suddenly Janus speaks up. "We have to lock this place down" "But why" asked Aero "Even in this era Artificially Intelligent robots that can control themselves and transform are nothing more that science fiction, if they bust in here they are going to think that you and I were controlling him" explained Janus. "I guess your right, not even my own crew would believe me after the damage and death this thing has caused"said Aero. "About a thousand years ago he would never dreamed of harming humans, something must have happened to him, that must have something to do with why they left him behind" said Janus. "I have a hard time picturing him as a gentle giant after what I have seen of him" said Aero "I don't blame you, if I had gotten the same first impression as you I would not believe it either. said Janus "So what happened to the rest of the Transformers" asked Aero. "I don't know, something has made me forget, I have had bad dreams and vague memories all my life, but I never knew what they were about. The only relevant dream I have had was the one I had earlier" explained Janus "I think it would be cool to have more of theses guys here...that are on our side that is" said Aero "I would just like to know what happened, Metroplex would know" said Janus "What are you saying Janus? asked Aero. "I need to tap in to Metroplex's memories that I downloaded to my head, I need to know what happened" said Janus "Isn't that dangerous" asked Aero "I don't know" said Janus, "let's get this place locked down and we will find out"

The year is 3015 and the wars between the Transformers have been long since forgotten, becoming more myth than fact. What become of the heroic giants from long ago?? Do they still exist?? Does Cybertron still exist?? Now as a new era dawns the mystery of the Transformers begins to unfold....

The Transformers 3015#7

"City of Fortune #7"

Written By: Mike Hamlin

RE-Edited By: PRIMAL
Editors Note: The Transformers 3015 "City of Fortune #1-#7 are syndicated issues aquired from another site and have been re-edited to fit our style. Transaction Ltd. aquired this story in an agreement with another failing site that has given up. All future issues will be written by Transactions Ltd. Mike Hamlin is NOT a member of the Transactions team.


April sits on her bed, crying at the scene that has occurred just outside moments ago. She looks at the pictures of the robot on her desk, wondering what that thing is and where it came from. Then she looks at the close up picture of the crest on the robots chest. "Maybe that crest belonged to one of the early 21st century war groups" said April to herself. She wiped her eyes and snatched up the picture. She then ran out the door and down to the archives room. She scanned the picture in to the computer and ordered it to search for a match. The results came back empty. "Damnit" she screamed as she hit the computer. But the she remembered that they had uncovered a bunch of old government archives that have not been sorted through yet. They were left over from when the White House was moved from D.C. to Washington state close to the end of the war. Just before the accident. She went back out the door and down to where the files were being downloaded into the database. She went over to the computer and scanned in the picture and once again told the computer to search for a match. The computer clicked and moaned for a few minutes until several hundred files of info appeared on screen. She smiled as she seen this and clicked on the first folder labeled Transformers. Her smile got even bigger when to faction symbols appeared on screen. "Bingo, now all of you will pay"


Aero walked in to a room where Janus was hooking up a bunch of computer equipment to his head. "The place is all locked up, I guess im ready when you are" said Aero "Good then let's get started" said Janus as he sat on a hospital style bed. "You will have to watch this equipment to make sure this goes ok, think you can handle it" asked Janus "Maybe if you tell me what half this crap does and how to use it" said Aero. "The most important things you will need to watch are this monitor and that one over there. That one over there as you can see displays the outside, so you can see what is going on, if there is an emergency then you pull me back ASAP. This monitor right here will be monitoring my brainwaves. If the begin to spike above the red line more than five times in a minute or this number reaches 100 or higher then pull me back. explained Janus "Ok I got that, now how do I pull you back? asked Aero "To pull me back press the cancel button on this monitor here" said Janus "All right I think I got it" said Aero "Good then let's get started"said Janus. He pushed the start button on the monitor then reached over and picked up a syringe, after giving himself a shot he laid down on the bed and closed his eyes. Your on your own now buddy" said Janus as he drifted to sleep. "I just hope I can handle it" said Aero


A large muscular man looks over the papers in front of him, trying to assess the situation before him. He then stands to talk to his troops. "All right listen up men, we have direct orders from the big man to get inside that place..NOW, so we need to start checkin out every corner, every panel, every screw until we find a weak spot is that understood?" said the man. "Permission to speak Colonial Mecc sir" asked a young soldier "Permission granted son" said Mecc. "Have we tried the battle rammer yet sir" asked the young man. "Good idea son, I'm glad you brought that up, pree the rammer immediately" ordered Mecc. "Yes sir" yelled all the troops as they started to pile out of the briefing room. "One way or another im going to get in there" said Mecc


April sat at the computer terminal, studying the info in front of her. "Hmmm, according to this there is still one more here, buried in a tomb below the ocean floor. I have to find this one and reactivate him." said April to herself. She then started to print all the files that pertained to the robot in the ocean tomb. After the print job was complete she copied ever bit of Transformers info to a disk and put it in her pocket. "With all the info stored here, nobody else can find out what I know and beat me to him, after I restore this robot the world will bow to me"


A man comes in the house from a long days work and kisses his wife. He then walks over to the closet and puts his coat away. "How was your day" asked the man. "Pretty good, been watching the coverage of that giant robot on T.V." said his wife. "What giant robot" asked the man "The one they found over in Oregon during the nuclear clean up" said the woman. The man looked stunned "In Oregon, where in Oregon" asked the man. "Oh I don't know just somewhere in Oregon" said the Woman. The man quickly ran to the bedroom and opened a safe. In the safe he had a very old photo album, that even his wife had never had the privilege of looking at. He came back in the room where his wife sat on the couch and sat down beside her. On his lap he held a large silver book with big letters on the front. He opened the book to a picture of a large red robot and three humans. "Is this the kind of robot your seen" asked the man. "Yes but bigger" said his wife "Oh my god they have returned" said the man as he fainted and fell back on the couch. The book fell to the floor closing to reveal the words on the cover. And the words said: Witwicky Family Album


Aero sat in a chair next to Janus's bed reading a book he had found in one of the rooms close by. Then suddenly he heard a noise. He turned to look at the monitor and seen that the people outside were trying to break the door down. Just then, un-noticed to Aero Janus's brain waves began to spike and the number began to climb. Aero ran to Metroplex's control panel and activated a ray gun close to the people outside. He then began to fire upon them, not wanting to kill them but just trying to scare them away. But he was so envolved with the people outside that he paid no attention to Janus's brain waves....that were at 101 and climbing....


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