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A jeep speeds across the desert kicking up dust as it travels. In it sits Jason, the radio operator. The only thing he can think about is April. He knows she is still at the survey camp and that thing is heading strait for her. He had to get there before it, but how?? His mind was racing with ideas, then he sees something....a helicopter!! He slams on the brakes bringing the jeep to a sudden stop. He jumps out and runs over to the helicopter, as he climbs in to the cockpit he looks over the controls. "Not quite like the sim I tried in training, but i'll have to learn" he says to himself. He reaches over and presses the starter button and the engine hums to life. The rotor above his head begins to slowly turn gradually speeding up with each rotation. He then takes the control stick in his hand and gently presses it forward causing the rear end of the helicopter to lift off the ground. He quickly pulls back and leaves the machine hovering there about an inch from the ground. "Well, here goes nothing" he says as he lifts it in to the sky and points it in the direction of Metroplex.


The year is 3015 and the wars between the Transformers have been long since forgotten, becoming more myth than fact. What become of the heroic giants from long ago?? Do they still exist?? Does Cybertron still exist?? Now as a new era dawns the mystery of the Transformers begins to unfold....

The Transformers 3015#6

"City of Fortune #6"

Written By: Mike Hamlin

RE-Edited By: PRIMAL
Editors Note: The Transformers 3015 "City of Fortune #1-#7 are syndicated issues aquired from another site and have been re-edited to fit our style. Transaction Ltd. aquired this story in an agreement with another failing site that has given up. All future issues will be written by Transactions Ltd. Mike Hamlin is NOT a member of the Transactions team.



Janus quickly jumps to his feet. "What are you talking about" asks Aero confused. "No time now" said Janus, "We need to get this robot working right again" Aero gave Janus a confused look which Janus quickly brushed off as he went to work on the robot again. He knew something....Aero knew it. But the question is what? Janus takes the electrical tape and tears off a couple of pieces. He then takes the roll and wraps the tip of each finger several times to protect against the current in the wires. He twists the ends together and wraps them in tape to keep them in place. He then walks over to the pieced together pipe and fires up the blow torch. He takes a piece of metal and uses it to weld the pipe fittings together, but it was still leaking close to the base where the fitting was plastic, so he took the putty and put it around the leak. "There that should have everything fixed." said Janus, "Now let's get back to the control room." Janus and Aero quickly ran down the hall to the elevator and took it back down to the control room. Suddenly blasts started to ring out. "What the hell is going on" asked Aero. "I don't know" answered Janus. The elevator opened and the two walked down the hall to the control room and glanced at the view screen "Oh no" exclaimed Aero "Were to late"!!!


Jason approached the survey camp to see the giant robot attacking the people. They were trying to fight back but it was no use they just didn't have enough warning. Jason turned the helicopter toward Metroplex and began to fire missiles at his head. The missile hitting him in the head got his attention, he turned toward Jason in the helicopter and began to fire at him. He was dodging his shots and firing more missiles at his head. Then finally he got a direct hit. A missile blasted Metroplex in the eye causing him to stop and winch in pain. Then suddenly the radio in the helicopter came on. "Jason....Jason....Is that you?" asked the voice over the radio. Jason knew that voice all to was April!!! Jason leaned over and picked up the mike and responded. "'s me" replied Jason. "Jason you have to get out of here it is a hopeless cause, he has already destroyed to militia posts, we don't stand a chance just please save yourself." cried April. Hearing her cry broke his heart. "No" he said. "'m not leaving". replied Jason as he began to fire at the robot again Metroplex turned his back and began to fire on the camp. "NO" screamed Jason "You stupid robot LOOK at me" But Metroplex paid no attention. He would not stop. Jason had only one choice. He reached over to a panel that said missile control. There was a red button that said "arm all missiles". Jason pushed it making all the missiles live. He the pushed forward on the stick pointing toward Metroplex and flying full speed. Straight for his head.....


Janus quickly ran to the control panel and switched the screen back to memory control. A message appeared stating that repairs had been made and all was fine. But Janus knew Metroplex's memory had lapsed. He pushed another button and got a prompt that read



Janus quickly pressed the enter button and a countdown began. "This is never going to finish in time" said Aero. "You're right" said Janus. He quickly reached down and tore a panel off the computer terminal and ripped out a wire. He took the wire and stuck to his head fuseing it with his titanium skull. He then fell to the floor and relaxed. Soon he would have all of Metroplex's memories stored within they would be safe no matter what happened. Aero watched in awe at the sight he seen before him. "All right", said Aero, "I want to know what's going on" "Sit down my friend, I have a long story to tell" said Janus, "One that starts about 1016 years ago...


Jason flew the helicopter at Metroplex's head with all the speed he machine could produce. He watched as his head grew bigger. "Now DIE ROBOT" said Jason...his last words before the explosion. The helicopter smashed in to Metroplex's head causing an emense explosion. His head shatters like glass and his body suddenly went limp, then began to transform into a city form. His head fell to the ground and crushed a couple of houses. An empty shell that once housed the mind of one of the greatest Autobots of all time.


"That's it" said Aero..."They killed him" "No" said Janus...."He's not dead, he lives within me"......


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Next issue: What will happen to Metroplex now??? Will Janus reveal his new found past to Aero???

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