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The radio operator watches as Metroplex walks toward him. He sits in the jeep frozen with fright. If he runs, the giant will surely kill him, but if he stays maybe the robot will miss him. He looks down at the necklace April gave him with his name engraved in it. He runs his fingers across the lettering that spells out Jason. Then suddenly an explosion snaps him back to reality. The robot is gone...but where is it? He rises slowly to see where it went, he breathes a sigh of relief to see that the robot had passed him up and he was safe. Now his only problem was to figure out how to warn the survey camp before it's to late.

The year is 3015 and the wars between the Transformers have been long since forgotten, becoming more myth than fact. What become of the heroic giants from long ago?? Do they still exist?? Does Cybertron still exist?? Now as a new era dawns the mystery of the Transformers begins to unfold....

The Transformers 3015#5

"City of Fortune #5"

Written By: Mike Hamlin

RE-Edited By: PRIMAL
Editors Note: The Transformers 3015 "City of Fortune #1-#7 are syndicated issues aquired from another site and have been re-edited to fit our style. Transaction Ltd. aquired this story in an agreement with another failing site that has given up. All future issues will be written by Transactions Ltd. Mike Hamlin is NOT a member of the Transactions team.


Janus reaches over to the leaking gas main and attempts to piece it back together. He slips one pipe inside another and the leak slows, but he needs something to seal it. He walks over to the loose wires and picks them up to look at them. They are badly damaged but the best he can do for now is splice them back together. He takes the other side of the wire and touches them together, but also touches them to him as well, the electricity from the wires grab him for an instant then throw him across the room slamming his head against the wall. Janus falls to the floor unconscious. His mind is racing and his eyes began to twitch as he begins to dream. Dream of the past. Of his origin.......


Optimus Prime stands at the command console watching the activity around the shuttle. It is almost ready or launch for the second time. After the fateful crash of the Ark a few years back he is hopeful of the success of this launch. Then suddenly a news report on the TV catches Primes attention. " the Autobots finish building their new space shuttle, the public is wondering what will happen with all of the inactive Decepticons being left behind, one man, Janus Mc Faye has an idea about this, are you there Janus?" "Yes I am Barbara, and thank you. Hello, many people already know me as the AI expert that restored the Autobot leader Optimus Prime after finding his body aboard their spaceship that crashed just a few years back. Many said it was a mistake, that Transformers where nothing but trouble makers. But I proved all of you wrong and now every Autobot is fully restored and functional. Now I plan to begin reworking the AI of all the Decepticons, In other words reactivate them as Autobots...." "No, said Prime, He can't do that" Prime turns to a monitor and pushes a button. "Jazz, we are gonna have to hold out on finishing the shuttle for now, we have other problems to attend to first." "Yes sir" replies Jazz.


Janus walks in a door to a large room. In this room he has the Decepticon leader Galvatron laying on a large slab. He walks across the room to where his chief scientist Pete is working on the finishing touches for Galvatrons new AI chip. "Hey Pete how is it coming?" asked Janus. "Pretty good, hope this does it, I am ready to set the chip now" said Pete. " Good then, looks like I got here just in time, pree the crane to lift it in place" said Janus. Pete motions for the crane operator to get ready and places the hoist on the chip. He then signals to raise the chip. The crane whirs in to action as the chip is lifted above their head and moved above Galvatrons chest plate. Pete the climbs on top of the robot to line the chip up with the socket. Once everything is set he motions to set the chip down. It slowly slips in to the hole and snaps in to place. "Well that's it, all that's left is to activate him." said Pete. "Ok" says Janus as he walks over to a control panel. He looks over the board to make sure everything is ok. "Ready Pete?" yells Janus. "Ready here chief" yells Pete. Janus then pushes the button marked power and Galvatrons eyes begin to flicker. Galvatron raises up and rotates so that his feet are on the ground. He studies the room carefully, wondering where he is. "My head is killing me" said Galvatron. "What's is going on..where am I." "You are in my lab, where I and my colleagues revived do you feel Galvatron?" replied Janus. "I feel insulted that I had to be revived by fleshlings, now pree to die" says Galvatron as he raises off the table and fires a shot toward Janus. The platform falls to the ground knocking Janus cold. Galvatron then picks him up and throws him against the wall. After he is sure Janus is dead he begins to fire on the rest of the lab, killing everyone left. "You fleshlings think you can change the mighty are all fools. Now to revive my army" yelled Galvatron as he flew toward the Ark. Just then the Autobots arrive at Janus's lab. Ratchet runs inside to find Janus laying on the ground. "It appears we are to late" says Ratchet


Aero walks in to a room, this is it he thinks as he looks around the room for the tools he needs. He finds a blow torch, some electrical tape, a knife, some putty, a wrench and a hammer and gathers them up. I hope this is enough he thinks as he gathers up the tools and runs back for the elevator.


Janus lays on the table, attached to monitors and machines. Ratchet is looking him over as Prime walks in to the room. " How is the patient" said Prime? "Not good" replies Ratchet, "Amazingly his brain is still functioning, so he is still alive, but his body is destroyed. We are able to keep his brain alive through these machines, without them it would die since his heart no longer functions. The only thing we can do is assimilate him." "Make him a Transformer?" asked Prime. "No not a Transformer, but a cyborg. He will be robotic in form and live forever. We will use his human skin as a body suit so he will appear human. That way he can fit in with the human race and he can stay here among his own." explained Ratchet. "Do you think it is a good idea" asked Prime. "It's the only choice we have. It is either assimilate him or let him die"


The elevator came to a stop and the door opened letting Aero through. He ran down the hall to the room where he had left Janus. When he walked in the door panic struck him as he seen Janus lying on the floor. Aero dropped the tools and ran to Janus's side. He began to shake him and call his name until finally he came around. He opened his eyes and looked at Aero. "I know" said Janus "Know what?" asked Aero. "I know who I am"......


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Next issue: Janus and Aero attempt to stop Metroplex from leveling the survey camp as Jason tries to save April.

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